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Zinol Open Gear

  • Code: 3220

ZINOL OPEN GEAR OILs are high performance diluents-type, heavy-bodied open gear superior quality lubricants. They contain volatile solvent to ensure fluidity during application. Once applied on gear teeth or machine elements,the diluent evaporates and the lubricants adhere strongly providing a wearresistant, viscous and thick film on the surface.

We have a wide range of container and drum sizes to suit all your custom needs.

  • ZINOL OPEN GEAR OIL “A” is recommended for use for lubrication highly loaded open gears, including those which works at high temperature (approx.120˚C) e.g. ring gear on cement kilns and large gears on ore-processing mills.
  • ZINOL OPEN GEAR OIL “B” Open Gear B is recommended for same applications with a lesser temperature (approx. 90˚C).
  • Resistant to rain, snow and water washing.
  • Dripping and throw off are minimal.
  • Excellent protection to gear teeth and other machines.
  • Maintain protection under wet environments.
  • Outstanding wear resistant.


Open Gear Oil A B
Appearance Black Black
Specific Gravity 0.970 0.950
Viscosity @100°C, cSt 1240 1000
Viscosity @40°C, cSt 5000 1500
Flash Point, COC°C 137 111
Product Code 3220 3221