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Zinol Plus

  • Code: 2030

ZINOL PLUS DIESEL ENGINE OIL produced from selected highly refined base oils blended with advanced technology additives to meet the lubrication requirements of high performance diesel and gasoline engines operating under severe conditions.

We have a wide range of container and drum sizes to suit all your custom needs.

  • Turbocharged and naturally aspirated diesel engines of major North American engine manufacturers .
  • On highway light and heavy duty trucking including high speed-high load service and short haul pick-up/delivery van .
  • Heavy duty diesel engines used in mining, construction, agriculture and other off road applications .
  • Highly effective detergent and dispersant properties.
  • Oil film is highly stable.
  • Optimum lubrication minimize the wear which increases the engine life.
  • Improved viscometrics ensure the higher performance.
  • Higher thermal and oxidation stability helps to sustain high performance and economy.
ACEA E5-99/E3-96
MB 228.3
MAN 271/3275
SAE Grade 10W-40 15W-40
Appearance C & B C & B
Density,@15°C, gm/ml. 0.887 0.889
Viscosity @100°C, cSt 15.4 15.5
Viscosity @40°C, cSt 119.4 120
Viscosity Index 135 135
Flash Point, COC°C 210 226
Pour Point,°C -27 -27
TBN, mg KOH/gm 10 10
Foaming sequence 10/0, 20/0, 10/0 10/0, 20/0, 10/0
Product Code 2030 2031