• Code: 7030

ZINOL SUPER COOL HD is the heavy duty engine coolant made from high quality concentrated ethylene glycol. It is based on the latest HOAT technology with nitrate additive system specially made for cast iron lining diesel engines gives long time round the year protection.
Suitable for all light and heavy duty diesel engines, truck and generators. Available in concentrate form. Its 50% concentration in deionized water is recommended for all weather protection in form of antiboling and anti freezing property.

We have a wide range of container and drum sizes to suit all your custom needs

  • ZNOL SUPER COOL Is recommended for use as a radiator coolant / antifreeze for all kind of passenger and heavy vehicle.
  • It can use in 40 % – 70 % concentration as per freezing and boiling point requirements. It can be used in industrial generators and hearth moving equipments.
  • Protect the cooling system against freezing in winter and boil-over in summers.
  • Chemical inhibitors minimizes corrosion of copper, solder, brass, steel, cast, cast iron and aluminum metals which are commonly used in coolant systems
  • Its special rubber anti swelling property protects hose, seal, gasket and engine parts.
Freezing Point(°C) Boiling Point(°C)
40% -24 126
50% -37 129
60% -52 132
70% -64 136
Grade 100% 50% 40%
Appearance Green Green Green
Density,@20 °C, gr/ml. 1.125 1.072 1.040
Boiling Point(50%)°C 165 129 126
Water content,%wt (max) 3.5 50% 60%
pH, 50% solution in water (max) 9 8.7 8.6
Product Code 7030 7031 7032