>>Zinol Super Marine Oil 3012

Zinol Super Marine Oil 3012

  • Code: 5080

ZINOL SUPER MARINE OIL 3012, is a line of trunk piston engine oil designed for use in medium speed diesel engines operating on distillate fuels. The modern additive technology used in this oil provides superior engine cleanliness & protection. These oils exhibit a high degree of water tolerance and meet the performance requirements of API CF.

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  • Recommended for medium speed engines used in marine, power generation and industrial applications operating on distillate fuels having sulphur contents up to 1 % . Specially recommended for older engines where linerlacquer is not a potential problem.
  • Oils of appropriate TBN to be chosen based on the sulphur content of fuel used. Follow manufacturers’ recommendation for selection of suitable TBN level/ viscosity grade.
  • Also recommended for general lubrication of shipboard equipment where specialised lubricants are not required or use of API CF quality oils are adequate.
  • Superior detergency ensures piston and crankcase cleanliness.
  • Improved anti-wear property minimises engine wear and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Excellent thermo-oxidative stability retards oil degradation and controls its viscosity.
  • Reserve TBN ensures protection of engine parts against corrosive combustion products.
  • Better demulsibility characteristics ensure water separation leading to trouble free operation.
  • Special rust & corrosion inhibitors prevent corrosion of engine parts in severe salt water environment.
SAE Grade 30
TBN 12
Density,@15°C, gm/ml. ASTM D 1298 0.892
Viscosity @100°C, cSt ASTM D 445 11.1
Kinematic viscosity @40 °C, cSt 98.5
Viscosity Index 97
Flash Point, COC°C ASTM D 92 232
Pour Point,°C ASTM D 97 -18
TBN, mg KOH/gm ASTM D 2896 12
Product Code 5080