>>Zinol General Purpose Grease

Zinol General Purpose Grease

  • Code: 6030

ZINOL GENERAL PURPOSE GREASE is manufactured from selected quality base oils, calcium soap and additives to provide excellent water resistance properties and good corrosion and rest protection.

  •  It is highly recommended for application in water environments such as slips ways and water pump bearings.
  • The recommended temperature range of this product is 60°C in continuous service and 80°C for short exposure.
  • Excellent water resistance properties.
  • Good rust and corrosion protection.
  • Excellent film strength.
NLGI 2 3
Soap Type Calcium Calcium
Soap Type Light Brown Light Brown
Drop Point,,°C 102 98
Worked Penetration at 25, °C, MM 265-295 222–250
Operating Range, °C -10 to 80 -10 to 80
Base Oil iscosity @100, °C cSt 15.0 17.0
Product Code 6030 6031